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A powerful bookmark manager combined with useful tools. Essential for webmasters, startups and business people, but designed for everyone!
Organize your online world for free and rediscover the best links available on the Internet.
A better way to surf the web
You have a better chance of understanding your actions when you use a good tool with a good target. Using a bookmark manager when you're surfing the web might sound like a weird way to become more productive, but it will likely mean you will spend less time on pointless websites, saving you precious time.
Productive features
Fast Dashboard
Bright Start Page
Quickly access links and sites that you frequently use with your management panel designed to be a quick and efficient start page.
Instant Search
Customizable / fast
Manage the titles, comments and keywords of your bookmarks to quickly find these bookmarks or add labels to find a group of bookmarks!
URL Ranking
Trend / discovery
Anonymously, discover trends and what's popular on the web with the ranking system that gives a score automatically based on the usage patterns of pagewaver members!
Auto Web Finder
Search for you!
Your personal web search assistant! Enter the keyword according to your research needs, the Auto Web Finder will show you what is available in the network and keep an eye on the news so you can see them as soon as they are available!
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